Entry #17


2017-02-11 14:02:01 by J-Nelson

I wrote some tips about making a large cast of characters distinct from one another on my blog, come read: http://monsterlands.tumblr.com/post/157111090331/making-the-most-of-screen-time


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2017-02-12 00:28:51

I think you posted some good advice there! I have a question: how would I introduce a character that's supposed to go through a lot of changes during their story? Should I try to home in on what will always be true of the character even if it will not always their most prominent trait? Should I instead just show that they have a lot of inner conflict?

J-Nelson responds:

Yeah maybe show the inner conflict down the road. Take Darth Vader for example. His first scenes are just him being evil. It's only later that we see he has inner conflict.