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New Month!

2015-10-01 09:28:30 by J-Nelson

I'm very close to finishing this first chapter of MONSTER LANDS so that's exciting! 

Anyways, it's a new month (and it's also my birthday today!), so I'd appreciate it if you voted for MONSTER LANDS on Topwebcomics here: http://topwebcomics.com/vote/18894/default.aspx

You don't need an account to vote, so don't worry. You can vote daily on this site.

This helps my webcomic reach a wider audience.

New month, please vote

2015-09-01 10:30:27 by J-Nelson

It's a new month, so please vote for MONSTER LANDS at http://topwebcomics.com/vote/18894/default.aspx

You can vote daily, and you don't even need an account to do so.  Voting helps my webcomic reach a larger audience.

Writing musings

2015-06-28 00:34:40 by J-Nelson

At the start of Monster Lands there were three stand-alone stories introducing Othera, Eren, and Nixtos that tied into the first major arc with Marcus' introduction. I've enjoyed writing like that mainly because it's something that books and movies probably would have trouble doing, plus it keeps the comic in manageable chunks. This "three small stories that feed into one large story" formula will continue after this arc as well. The main characters will be:

story 1. Nadil
story 2. Adam Yi and the Elder Siren
story 3. Exris

I'm back!

2014-12-01 08:52:41 by J-Nelson

Yooo, guys.  I'm back from college and I'm coloring the first set of Monster Lands pages now that I have some time since Thanksgiving is over.  I don't have an exact deadline but it'll definitely be before next week ends.  I'm kinda all over the place because there's a lot of things I'm working on at the moment, like new business cards, banner designs, etc.  Once these pages go up I may do some fanart or something as well.  Also, Zeylon Defenders still exists, so those of you who enjoy it won't have to worry.  I'm just taking a break from it to get Monster Lands off the ground.  I'll still be writing ahead on ZD so when I go back to it I'll have a game plan.

New web design

2013-07-09 19:04:41 by J-Nelson

Hey, the official website zeylondefenders.com got an overhaul! Due to the system of submissions, I can't put up all the old pages instantly, so they will gradually return day by day. But the layout is much better than it was originally. It's much more suited for comic reading.

Once I return to Savannah progress will continue.

Schedule Update

2013-06-21 15:40:31 by J-Nelson

Hello all. I'm nearing page 20, so it seems like a good time to look back on what I've done so far.

For those of you who don't know, I started work on this comic last summer, doing one page a week, unless I was traveling or something like that. I managed to do 7 pages during that summer, and then last school year I managed to do 8 more. (This also explains the noticeable skill gap between those sets of pages)

So far I've done three pages this summer, keeping up with my 1 page-a-week deadline I've set for myself. However, I've found that I've been completing these pages much faster. Page 18 was completed in 2 days.

Now, I have a family reunion to attend this week, but since I did this week's update who cares, right? Anyway, my point is I could easily make 2 pages a week. So after Sunday, the new deadline will be 2 pages a week. I hope to rapidly expand my portfolio and gain traction on the internet over the summer and this seems to be the best way to do it. Thanks for sticking around and reading my walls of text.

Back at SCAD

2013-01-15 22:39:44 by J-Nelson

I'm back at SCAD and I'm taking my Drawing for Sequential class. This wlll make my comics look way better.